At Woods Hole, we have chosen to utilize raised garden beds because our ground is extremely rocky and unlevel. Plants are raised Organically, incorporating Square Foot Gardening, French Intensive and Biodynamic ideas. We have found this to be a great and easy way to garden. Our Soil the key and is created from composted materials (leaves, hay, manure, vermiculture, etc…), creating and amazing Organic “Black Gold” in which our plants thrive! The outcome are herbs & vegetables that are highly nutritious and extremely tasty…


Cold Frames for the Beds to protect from early Spring and late Fall freezes.


Guests love to sit on the swing relaxing by the garden.


Between early April and early December, we have a bounty of greens to pull for salads and meals.


Hikers and guests help us prepare an awesome salad from the garden to enjoy with dinner.