Offered daily by request as part of your stay. I like to call it “I just hiked 20 miles Yoga.” No hiker really feels like doing yoga after hiking 20 miles.. so we do a very simple relaxing Yoga. It is more like opening and stretching the body – than a power flow class. It’s an awesome way to end the day… and it’s FREE!!

Massage Therapy, Couples Massage, Reflexology, and Massage Day

              Massage Therapy: 60 minutes, $60
                                           90 minutes, $90

Using a combination of hot compresses, essential oils, range of motion stretches and integrative techniques, we will provide you with a customized massage in an unforgettable setting. Enjoy a massage in the remote mountains. When you are done sit on the porch, sip herbal tea, and enjoy the view.

           Couples Massage: 60 minutes, $120
                                                    90 minutes, $180

Receive a massage with your loved one. Take this opportunity for both of you to feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

         Reflexology/Foot Massage: 30 minutes, $35
                                                                      60 minutes, $60
Allow the body to relax through the pressure points in the feet. Reflexology will target not only the muscles, but also the organs of the body.
             Facial/Head/Neck Massage:30 minutes, $35
                                                                        60 minutes, $60
Not only do the feet and hands have reflex points, the face does as well. In this session we will work the pressure points in the face, head, neck and ears. Hot compresses and essential oils will leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted.
 Massage for 4 or More (up to 10)
                           $60 per person for 1 Hour Massage
                           $90 per person for 1 & 1/2 Hour Massage
Enjoy a Day Away with a Massage in the Mountains with a group of friends. While getting a massage, friends will enjoy the relaxing view on the front porch or go for a hike along the Appalachian Trail. Bring your own goodies to nibble on throughout the day. We will provide complimentary tea & homemade bread. Appointments beginning as early as 10am.