By invitation, embark on a family experience taking part in the preparation and clean up of a feast…

In making our meals, we kindly request everyone’s assistance in the preparation & cleanup of a home cooked family-style meal. We support local, organic & homegrown food as often as possible. Organic vegetables are grown in our own garden and/or produced by our local area or Amish friends. Organic Beef and Pork come from our 100% grass feed Scottish Highland Cattle and Pastured Heritage Hogs. Neville’s Famous Homemade Bread is baked daily from non-GMO whole wheat and unbleached white flour.  Communal meals are usually one of the highlights of ones visit. Meals are enjoyed on on Neville and Michael’s Homemade Pottery!

Dinner $14, Breakfast $7 or comes with your room.

Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-free/Lactose-Intolerant options are available by request. We are happy to accommodate most any dietary needs.  Please let us know in advance if there are any dietary needs or restrictions.

Please call or email us for details about our communal meals.