Home Roasted Coffee


One of our many activities and specialties of the Hostel and B&B  is Home Roasted Coffee.

We order coffee from Burman Traders Coffee Company . We order a Green Bean which we roast ourselves on a Home Made Roasting System.



How to Roast Coffee:

  1. Take a heavy pressure cooker the size of a stove top pan.. not a large one (like above).
  2. Remove the Rubber Seal from the lid.
  3. Add 1 quart of Green Beans to the Pressure Cooker. This makes about 1 pound of coffee.
  4. Heat over the Stove on a medium heat. Stir Often, replace the lid after stirring. In the beginning you won’t have to stir as often, but once it is heated, you will want to stir more frequently.
  5. Coffee will be done when it has that glossy look that coffee has when bought.
  6. In the cooking process the coffee will get smokey. So you may want an outside set up for Roasting
  7. Let the Coffee sit, uncovered for 10-24 hours before enjoying your first cup. If you drink the coffee before 10-24 hours it will have a “tea taste” and not the coffee taste you are looking for.
  8. Enjoy.


  1. I only use the roasting pot for roasting. I wipe it out with a paper towel to clean. The oils from the coffee stay in the pan which is nice for the next roasting.
  2. After coffee is roasted and cool, i shake off the extra coffee chaff with a screen tube or blow it off.