Trail Magic Jar

What is the Trail Magic Jar? This jar and the money you contribute goes to the Hiker that would like to have an experience (like a meal) at Woods Hole – but doesn’t have the funds to do so. By contributing to this jar, you are directly enhancing a hiker’s experience at Woods Hole.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How did you come up with this idea?
Woods Hole used to be a FREE hostel for hikers. We created this system because we wanted to continue to serve the awesome, diverse community that exists on the trail.

When did you start the Trail Magic Jar?
2014 – and we have watched it serve some amazing people!

How will hikers know about this jar?
Aside from this website, word of mouth or we suggest the jar to hikers when funds limit them from taking part in any aspect of their stay here.

Why not just give the hikers the service? Why do you need me?
We try to offer work trades or “Last One Standing” policies… but sometimes we and they need your support. This is another unique way to provide trail magic!


In light of a unique year, if you would like to support Woods Hole Hostel we would gratefully accept any donations.

Please use the button below for donations to the hostel or to the Trail Magic Jar. Thankyou!!

Gift Cards

If you would be interested in purchasing a gift card to go towards a future stay, please email us at