Woods Hole has combined the best of

Hostel and Bed & Breakfast!

We have combined these two worlds with our own unique ideas to create a community environment and wholesome experience. Please note the following considerations for your visit:

  1. Our location is quite isolated. We are 25 minutes from town (Pearisburg) and 2 miles from our closest neighbor. We highly recommend you check out the directions listed on the website if driving.
  2. You may want to bring indoor slippers, camp shoes or comfy socks on your visit. We take our shoes off when we come inside.
  3. We ask for help in the preparation and clean up of our awesome Communal Meals. It is not always possible to get everyone’s help, so we do not ask this of all. We only ask this of those that are inspired to help. Because of your help and the experience we provide, we are not considered a “commercial kitchen or restaurant” and therefore are able to provide such a unique experience and lasting memories. Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions, allergies or concerns. We will do our best to accommodate you…
  4. We have set times that we allow Bunkhouse guests to come inside the Main Cabin. During the Colder Months, we allow casual reading or chat in the living room until 9pm. During the Warmer Months, we only open the cabin during meal times for bunkhouse guests. We do this because we find the cabin can become quickly overcrowded.
  5. We kindly ask for help with a 5 min task before you head out. i.e “Mess up-Clean up.” Guests that stay in the bunkhouse are asked to “pull a task pin.” Guests that stay indoors in the shared room or private room on the long distance hiker rate are asked to help by changing their sheets. We do this as we do not hire a staff to operate. This helps create a unique environment at Woods Hole and allows us to keep costs low.
  6. We do not Own a Television. Enjoy the Community Experience that is created by not having a TV. Folks end up spending more time playing music, games, chatting with each other, or enjoying a Bon Fire in the yard, etc…
  7. We are Kid Friendly and Pet Friendly. We kindly request that Guests are responsible for their kids and/or pets at all times.
  8. Smoking is allowed in a designated area. We ask that guests smoke away from the front porches, buildings & yard where we do yoga or hangout. We have a designated spot on the property where folks can smoke.
  9. We are a Drug/Alcohol Free establishment. Upon discretion, we do allow a casual glass of wine or beer. 
  10. Cell Phones may not work…YEA!! Talk to each other, Wander the property, Read a book, or Smell the flowers! Our land line is available for limited communication. If your phones does work, please be courteous to others and keep conversations short and discreet. We also have a computer and limited free WiFi to check email or surf the web. Additional WiFi time can be purchased if needed…

We hope you find this information helpful and you enjoy your stay!!!!