It’s a quiet time of year at Wood’s Hole. It’s a great time to Relax, Read, Take Walks, Hibernate, help create something new in the kitchen, and get a Massage.
VALENTINE’S DAY is in the Air. It’s a great month to book a weekday or weekend retreat at Wood’s Hole with couples massage, relaxing, and winter hiking.
Spring is in the AIR.. The Garden is getting planted and Wood’s Hole is starting to see a few Section Hikers.. and the occasional Thru Hiker.
Hiker Season is Kicking into GEAR and so are Projects. The Red Buds are beginning to Pop.  April 15th kicks off the beginning our a very busy season until June 15th. Be prepared for a wonderful crowd of folks making wonderful memories.
Hiker Season is in Full Swing.. a very busy time of year for Wood’s Hole Hostel – Book a room in advance if you want to experience this unique time of year. The Rhodedendron Tunnel is in Full BLOOM!
Hiker Season is Slowing down.. this is a good time to come if you want a taste of HIKER SEASON without the crowds..
The Fourth of July Festival is Celebrated in Narrows, VA – Giles County.
ALSO.. Schedule an Art Workshop Retreat, Family Retreat, or a special Event at Woods Hole.
It’s a great month for Relaxing, taking walks, picking Blackberries, enjoying the Starry Nights.. getting a massage, doing yoga, taking an Art Class.. and more.

It’s a Great Time to visit Wood’s Hole. Fall is in the Air…The Safari Tents are still up and ready to be booked for cooler nights.. come check it out! Also, there is still time to book an art workshop…
Fall Colors are Peaking and SOUTHBOUND Thru Hikers and Section Hikers are making their way to Woods Hole Hostel.

Preparations are being made for winter. Come enjoy the last of the Fall at Wood’s Hole.

Winter is approaching. Thru hikers and Section hikers are slowing down.. it’s the perfect time of year for a quiet retreat at Wood’s Hole.