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Neville has been coming to Wood's Hole since she was three (1981). She grew up in the hiker community and watched her grandparents, Tillie & Roy Wood, add onto the 1880’s log cabin, building a kitchen, and a bunkhouse with the spare logs.

Neville and her grandmother, Mama Tillie, formed a close bond over the years. For the last two years, before passing, Neville assisted her full time in operating the hostel. She found herself re-connecting to life and nature on her visits to Woods Hole.

Neville received her Massage Certification at the Whole You School of Massage outside of Asheville, North Carolina. She also received her Yoga Teacher Certification in 2010 with Anna Pittman, at the Breathing Space in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Neville completed a Masters in Art Education at North Georgia College & State University and an Undergraduate Degree in Art from The University of Georgia. 

Neville also practices Vipassana meditation daily and enjoys sharing Yoga by request without charge.

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