Register now for the Wood's Hole Weekend


We can refer you to a local shuttle driver to or from Woods Hole Hostel.


$4 Day/$20 week (5-7 Days) 
Excluding the day you stay with us.


Northbound Slackpack (GA->ME):

Stay an extra night with us while getting in some miles.

We will shuttle you to Pearisburg and you hike back to us. We will then return you to Pearisburg in the morning!

Southbound Slackpack (ME->GA): 

We’ll shuttle your pack from Pearisburg to Wood’s Hole for a pack-free hike & night’s stay with us!

Shuttle List

South of Wood's Hole

  • VA 606/Trent Store ($40)
  • VA 608/Lickskillet Hollow ($45)
  • VA 611/Crandon, VA ($50)
  • VA 52/I77/Bland, VA ($65)
  • VA 615/Laurel Creek($70)
  • VA 623/Garden Mountain ($130)
  • Walker Gap ($145)
  • VA 42/O’Lystery Pavilion ($95)
  • I-81/Atkins, VA ($110)
  • Partnership Shelter/Marion, Va ($130)
  • Fox Creek ($150)
  • Damascus, VA/Trail Days ($180)

North of Wood's Hole

  • Pearisburg, VA ($20)
  • Rt 641/Clendennin Road ($25)
  • Ground Hog Trail ($55)
  • VA 635/Stoney Creek ($50)
  • VA 613/Mt. Lake Road ($65)
  • VA 601/Rocky Gap ($60)
  • VA 42/Newport,VA/Sinking Creek ($60)
  • VA 630 ($65)
  • VA 621/Craig’s Creek Road ($75)
  • VA 624/Newport Road ($95)
  • VA 311/Catawba ($110)
  • Roanoke Airport ($125)
  • US 220/Daleville ($135)
  • I-81 Mega Bus/Christiansburg ($65)

Please contact us for a firm shuttle cost.

Shuttles are approximately $1.50/mile depending on Road Conditions and Time of Travel.

Shuttles as far north as Waynesboro, VA or as far south as Hampton, TN

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