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COVID-19 Information

For precautions for COVID-19/Delta Variant/Noro Virus or Any Contagious Disease:

  1. We are taking less precautions than we have in the past due to the option to be vaccinated and the lessening degree of severity in recent times. If this changes our protocols will again change.
  2. We are not requiring Vaccination, but do ask that each individual use their best discretion for their health and safety. 
  3. We are asking that everyone contact us at Wood's Hole if they do happen to contract COVID-19 or Variant in the 10 days after leaving Wood's Hole, so that we can get tested and see if it was contracted/spread here. 
  4. If anyone here contracts Covid19, NORO Virus, or any other transferable contagious disease we will place signs and and communicate that a disease is present so that each individual can make their best decision for their own well being.  And of course, we will temporarily close if this will best contain the transferability of the disease.                                                                                                

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