We are Open to Hikers Hiking from July 5-August 22, 2021. Register now for the Wood's Hole Weekend

COVID-19 Information

For precautions for COVID-19, we will be following similar protocols that we followed in the Spring/Summer and Fall of 2020 with no incidences reported. 

  1. We ask that folks wear masks indoors in public spaces. We are not requiring masks outdoors when physically distanced and leaving it to each persons discretion to whether they want to where masks outdoors in open air settings.
  2. We will be eating either outdoors in open air or indoors at physical distance (within pods/friends). Doors and windows will be left open.
  3. In offering communal meals - at this stage we are not asking for help in the preparation of meals. We are asking folks to wear masks & use hand sanitizer when serving themselves.
  4. We are no longer holding hands in a circle, but we are gathering with masks on - outdoors.
  5. The shared room will only be available as a private room and can be reserved up to 3.
  6. The bunkhouse will be limited according to physical distance protocols. We would NOT recommend staying in the bunkhouse if you are concerned with contracting COVID-19.
  7. We are asking that everyone contact us at Wood's Hole if they do happen to contract COVID-19 in the 2 weeks after leaving Wood's Hole, so that we can get tested and see if it was contracted here. 
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