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Work at Woods Hole

If interested in working at Woods Hole please contact us.
Working at Woods Hole is a very different kind of job. It begins with folding laundry and washing dishes and then it becomes an incredible community, supportive atmosphere, dynamic friendships, and treasured memories. 
The work can be humble, mundane, and repetitive. But it can also be focused, cooperative, educational, and sometimes very different from today’s normal daily life. The biggest challenge being that we work and live in the same space.

The jobs don’t just involve keeping house. They also include feeding cows, cleaning the goat house, roasting coffee, cutting firewood, and greeting and serving a diverse community of hikers. See list of a lot of the jobs that encompasses working at Woods Hole below.

The pay:

Woods Hole commits to $100/week plus tips. Bonus’ may then be offered at the end of the season/year depending on work load and availability. All meals and lodging expenses are covered.

The work:

The work is anywhere from folding laundry, washing dishes, deep cleaning a house, watering an organic garden, fixing fences, cutting firewood, greeting hikers, preparing communal meals, and more (see "What we do" below)

The daily schedule:

We start at 7am and end at 8:30pm. Our main work load is in the morning and afternoon is divided into shifts. We all have 1 - 1 and half days off each week.
Here is a typical example of a day in the spring (busy) time of year. This schedule is mirrored thru out the year- with different tasks:
6:30- Neville starts in kitchen
7:00- Prepare Bk/Water Garden
8:00 - Breakfast 
9:00 - Kitchen Clean Up
9:30 - Clean Rooms/Bathroom, Bunkhouse, Showerhouse, Safari Tent, Laundry, Roast Coffee, Meal preparations, etc.
12:00- Make Lunch/Make Smoothies
1pm - Lunch
2pm - Rest or Greet Folks/Make Smoothies@4pm
4pm - Rest or Dinner Prep & Greet Hikers
6pm - Dinner
7pm - Dinner Clean Up
8:00/8:30 Rest.

The Lodging:

There are private spaces, shared spaces, unique spaces, camping, and the option to stay in your own rig. Bathroom facilities are in the shower house or in main house depending on season. There is no television and internet is limited. If staying for a long stretch Woods Hole can also offer a phone with internet service.

What we do:

Here is a list of all of the rewarding, mundane, inspiring jobs we do at Woods Hole. I’m going to break them down into daily, weekly, monthly (lots depend on the season). But it’s fun to see the scope and range of things we do.


Water Garden
Prepare breakfast
Clean rooms/Bathrooms/Safari Tents


Laundry (wash, fold, put away)
Make/Eat Lunch
Answer Phone
Greet Hikers
Settle folks up for stay


Check cows
Clean goat hut
Roast coffee
Make cookie bars
Meal/food preparation
Bathe dogs
Take trash
Grocery store run
Weed garden 
Deep Clean House/fridge


Plant Garden
Maintenance on buildings
Book keeping/organizing 
Organize spaces
Can/put up food from garden
Check fence
Cut/split firewood 
Trim Goat hooves
Close/open bunkhouse/shower house
Set up/take down Safari Tents
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