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Pet Friendly Policy

Friendly Dogs Welcome!

Petiquette at Our Dog-Friendly Hostel & Bed and Breakfast

We are proud to offer pet-friendly lodging for our guests. However, we hope that our pet-owning guests will also give us every reason to STAY dog-friendly. Please read this thoroughly so you, your pet and other guests will be safe and happy, and we can keep our hostel and B&B open to our four-legged friends!

Pet Fee:

 $15/night/pet for private/shared rooms

$5/night for Bunkhouse use

Free for Camping.

We have learned that leaving a dog alone in a strange house is not at all like being left alone in your personal home. We ask that you keep your dog with you at all times. Dogs do not have to be on a leash when indoors, but they must be with you.

Please note that we have three resident dogs, three cats, 4 pet pigs, as well as 4 pet cows, and 6 pet goats. We do not ask that you keep your dog on a leash, but that you do keep an eye on your dog and make the best judgement for your dogs character, especially if you have a concern that your dog will chase our livestock. We do have hot electric fences. Please remember that you are responsible for your pet at all times, and you are also responsible for damage, injury, or lost revenue that your pet may cause.

Please pick up after your dog after he or she “goes.” You may discard of waste in the near by woods versus the trashcan. Dogs should be clean, free of fleas, and brushed before arriving at Woods Hole. This is especially important with long-haired dogs.

Dogs are not allowed in beds. If there is evidence of dog hair in the bed, we will charge an additional $50 fee in addition to the the $15.00 per night cleaning fee. Please respect this rule. Cleaning sheets and comforters full of dog hair takes an inordinate amount of time to clean.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Have a great stay and enjoy having your dog with you while away!

I have read the above and agree to abide by all regulations. In the event my pet damages the property, I agree that Woods Hole Hostel and Mountain Bed & Breakfast may charge my credit card to cover all costs of damage and any lost revenue while damage is being repaired.





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