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Woods Hole Hostel and B&B
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“A Slice of Heaven Not to Be Missed”
1/2 mile off the Appalachian Trail in Southwest Virginia.
34 Years, 1986-2019
Built in 1880 by Stoney Holiday.
Established 1986 by Tillie and Roy Wood.
Continued Onward and Forward in 2009

       Wood’s Hole offers Communal Meals, Massage Therapy, Yoga, & Organic Gardening. Woods Hole serve the Appalachian Trail community as well as couples, families, and more.
       Woods Hole is located on 100 acres of land, surrounded on three sides by the Jefferson National Forest and protected by 780 acres of privately owned land in the foreground. Woods Hole is an easy drive from both I-77 and I-81 in Southwest Virginia.

A Wonderul Place to Rest, Learn, and Play

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Neville’s grandparents, Tillie & Roy Wood, purchased Woods Hole in 1942. They opened a bunkhouse to hikers in 1986. In 2009 the Chestnut Log Cabin was opened offering private rooms to those looking for a retreat along the Appalachian Trail.
Wood’s Hole’s natural resources and beauty have been perpetually protected through a conservation easement with the New River Land Trust and Virginia Outdoors Foundation.  The easement preserves the forest from timbering and over development. Tillie Wood had the easement done before passing in 2007.

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A Long History in Southwest Virginia

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Chestnut Log Cabin Built by Stoney Holiday
Roy & Tillie Wood Discover Dilapidated Cabin on Christmas Day 1939, Where They Live Their First Year of Marriage
Roy and Tillie Purchase Cabin & 100 acres for $300
Tillie and Roy embark on the adventure of renovating the 1880’s Log Cabin as a summer home for themselves and family.
Tillie And Roy open Woods Hole Hostel to Appalachian Trail Hikers.
Michael thru hikes the Appalachian Trail. Neville & Michael meet at Woods Hole on July 6, 2005.
Tillie Wood passes away after running the hostel for 22 years. The Wood family does a major renovation on the Main Cabin so that it will last “100 more years.”
Neville & Michael move to Woods Hole and begin the journey of a lifetime.
Woods Hole as we know it!!